Welcome to Project Safarnaama by me, Karteek.
I dream of traveling to every country on the planet (I mean every single one of them), and writing about all that I come across on this journey. Thus came upon the name. This newsletter is a log of thoughts & experiences, as I try to live that dream.

What do I write about?

I ponder upon questions that I may not know of yet to ask, the mysterious nature of our universe, the stories that have never been told and the things that people don’t say when in a conversation. Most of my writing involve recurring correlations from:

  • Travel Experiences, Inspiring Stories

  • Books, Music, Cinema, Art

  • Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, Our Universe

  • History, Stories from Our Past

  • Human Behaviour, Emotions, Love, Kindness

No click-bait, no ads, no money. This is my personal journey. I hope that something I write stays with you beyond this website. It would mean a lot to me if it does and you tell me about it.

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